Thursday, June 4, 2009

Job Loss? Career Change? Seeking a Life Purpose?

Lots of things are shifting for everyone in the career/job world. If you just lost a job or left a job, the universe is telling you something. You may not be doing your life's purpose. This is a message to get on board and share your true music with the world. Some of you know you are not doing your life's purpose and you are stuck in how to go about making your true talents and dreams a reality. Others of you are just lost and really are not clear as to what your life purpose may be. In either case, Psych-K can assist in either getting you started on your path or helping you uncover your path. It's those pesky unconscious beliefs holding you back. Let's uncover and shift those unproductive beliefs to more productive and positive beliefs. When you resonate on all levels with your dreams and your talents, you can't help but move forward in your life in a direction that brings you joy, happiness, fulfillment, and prosperity.

Call me and take advantage of this month's "donation" sessions. Yes, you can experience a Psych-K session for a donation offering, regularly $100/hr.