Thursday, December 31, 2009

Men and Psych-K

Yes, here is the answer for all those men out there that refuse to go to that fru, fru counseling thing. A match made in heaven. Why? Psych-K is not really a "talk therapy" type of modality. No need to go into deep psychoanalysis about your life. There is some exploration; however, we get to the point relatively quickly in each session. Then we get to work shifting those beliefs that keep you from reaching your goals. Very simple. Men are a to the point, hunting type mentality group of beings, right? Well, Psych-K is a no frills kinda guy is logical...for the most part...and to the point. It gets the job done. That's what a man get the job done so he can continue doing whatever he is doing. Women, if you are reading's guy speak so bare with me.

Okay, so just call and let's get the job done so you can do whatever it is you are needing to do that you have not been able to do because you feel stuck.

By the way, Psych- K is also very helpful in your business endeavors.

For an appointment, call 512-576-5297.