Sunday, April 12, 2009

Distance Psych-K Through Phone Sessions

Hello everyone!

If you are curious about Psych-K, but you don't live in Austin, TX or you would rather not leave the comfort of your home, you have an sessions! This is how they work...

We set a date and time for you to call me. I will give you a couple of things to do ahead of time, like drink lots of water and write down your intentions for the session - what you want in your life. I will also email you an invoice that you can pay by credit card before the session begins.

You call me on the specified date and time, I answer and we get to work. It's that simple.

In some cases, we may need a "stand in" person for you if you are in need of a more complex balance such as a Core Belief Balance or Relationship Balance. In that case, I will find someone in my area willing to "stand in" for you. You would pay that person $50 for their time on top of my session cost. In this type of session, I would not have you on the phone. I would set the date and time of this session and ask you to sit in meditation or quiet time for the duration of the session while I work with the "stand in" on your behalf. Afterwards, I will call you to fill you in on the session and what came up as well as any actions you may need to take to integrate the session more deeply. I will also ask you what thoughts, feelings, emotions may have come up for you during your quiet time. If you are a sensitive individual, you will have felt or sensed something. Some people do not feel or sense anything. Regardless, the balance is working whether you "feel" it or not.

You will begin noticing shifts in your life in many areas. This happens with any balance we do. Once you change your beliefs about something, your perspective changes. When your perspective changes, how you perceive your outside world changes. When you perceive your outside world differently, you experience it differently. Follow?

Psyhc-K is a truly powerful, yet simple tool for making massive shifts in the way you experience your reality. You create 100% of your reality. If you don't like what you are creating, you can change it by shifting those subconscious beliefs that control the vibrations you are sending out into the universe. What you vibrate with, you attract. If you don't like what you are attracting, then you have the choice to shift it.

It's all up to you. It's all inner work. Nothing outside of you is EVER the problem....all your perceived problems, you have created in some way through your thoughts and subconscious beliefs. Yep, that is hard to swallow, but it is the truth.

If you are interested in a phone session, give me a call and mention this blog. You will receive 50% off your first session. Regular sessions are $100/hr.

Let the shift begin!

Healing Blessings!

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