Friday, August 7, 2009

Become Media-FREE now!

Yes, I do mean get rid of your televisions, turn off your radios, and stop the newspaper subscriptions. Does this sound radical? Not if you are ready to live a happier life with more clarity, purpose and true joy. I don't want to sound like some kooky conspiracy theorist, because I am not. I do practice what I preach. I do not own a television. I do not listen to the news on the radio. I do not purchase newspapers and news magazines. If something "interesting" is happening in the world, I will hear about it through friends. Any major important news, I usually hear about through friends. I know Obama is President. I know Michael Jackson died. However, I give no ear or thought or energy to news that instills fear, worry, dread, and scarcity. This is nonsense. In "my world" all is well. I don't have economic strife. I live with safety and security. I don't fear germs or deadly diseases. I am free and clear to believe and create the reality I want to create and not what the "fear-based" media and governmental structures want me to think and create.

This goes back to the fact that we are a vibrational universe. We create first through thought. Thought is vibration. If most of your thoughts are fear-based and influenced by media - then I am guessing you have a less than joyful and care-free life. My personal experience in this year without media has been extraordinary from a healing/personal perspective. I am clear. My mind is clear. The chatter in my mind is my chosen chatter and not influenced by media chatter. My fear based thoughts that entered my mind hundreds of times a day have all but stopped. My thoughts are positive. This is a COMPLETE reversal for me. I was a prisoner for years to mainly negative thought patterns. Becoming media-free has released me from many negative thought patterns.

Bottom line, the vibrational and electromagnetic energy coming from televisions is negative, does not promote health, increases depression, is addictive, increases addictions, causes memory issues, decreases creative thought, and a host of other "not-so-joyful" side effects and direct effects. What I am sharing is not new. Investigate for yourself. Better yet, experiment for yourself. Go media free for one month! See how much more productive you will be, how much happier, how much more joyful and fulfilled you will be. Your experience of reality will change. You will be quite suprised. Go media-free for one year...and really experience a "new life."

If you attempt doing the media-free thing and just can't seem to do it, then that is a BIG RED FLAG that you probably have an addiction to it. Give me a call. Psych-K is an excellent modality for helping shift you out of addictive behaviors that limit your life and your joy!

It's time to "make the shift"!

Healing Blessings!

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