Saturday, February 28, 2009

What is Psych-K?

It's an amazing alternative healing modality for shifting unconscious beliefs quickly and effectively through the use of whole brain balances. This system is based in scientifically researched Brain Dominance Theory. Psych-K has been around for over 20 years and can be used with all ages including the unborn, infants, children, teens, pets, and much more!

Psych-K can address many area of your life including health, relationships, prosperity, grief & loss, emotional challenges, weight loss, spiritual growth, development, and blocks, career & work, family issues, childhood issues, marital problems and so much more.

If you are blocked in any area of your life, Psych-K is the modality of choice for many who are wanting to move forward, but cannot for whatever reason. We balance for positive belief statements which changes the way you perceive your world and those around you. Combine the belief shifts with actions to support these changes and you have just made major positive change in your life.

Through the use of balances, you are able to literally change the neural pathways in your brain so that you function on a healthier level concerning the area of your life you are addressing.

A beautifully simple way to change your life without all the drama!

Call me for a 1 hour introductory session for only $40.
Mention this blogsite and recieve 50% off your next session, regularly $100/hr.

It's about time you take action to make the changes in your life you have always wanted to make. We can work on the fears and set you on the road to success and full empowerment!

Healing Blessings!
Austin, TX

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