Thursday, March 5, 2009

Psych-K and Weight-Loss

Yes, you can lose weight with the use of Psych-K. I am a certified Healthy Weight Management Facilitator trained in using Psych-K specifically to lose all that emotional weight and stop the emotional eating.

I have lost over 25 pounds using only Psych-K techniques. I have drastically reduced emotional eating and cravings just by shifting specific beliefs around food and emotions and body image.

Psych-K is a very powerful, yet simple system to re-align your unconscious beliefs with what you want in life removing the blocks that keep your body from losing weight no matter what you try and how much exercise you do. This weight is kept on by beliefs you hold on a deep level - not always conscious. Once these beliefs are shifted to healthy and positive beliefs, the weight automatically begins to drop off.

Women especially, hold weight for emotional reasons and eat for emotional reasons. Men do as well - but it is not as common. However, Psych-K will work for men or women. The techniques are the same and work just as effectively.

Adding a healthy diet and moderate exercise can only boost your weight-loss.

With the help of Psych-K, you can shift bad habits to good habits and maintain the weight-loss indefinitely because you are no longer holding on to the beliefs that kept the weight on in the first place.

How many sessions of Psych-K will you need? Usually about 8 sessions or less. It depends entirely on each person's individual beliefs and how much weight they are wanting to loose.

Call me for an appointment. Mention this blog and receive a $100 session at 50% off!

Healing Blessings!

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  1. Hello
    I am looking for a Psych-K practioner to help me with wieght loss.
    Is it possible to do this work over the telephone?

    I live in St. Louis, Missouri and cannot find a practitioner close to my home

    Thank you for your help
    Josephine Ludwig
    2953 Oakmoor Drive
    Saint Charles, MO 63301
    636 255 0341