Sunday, March 8, 2009

Psych-K and Your Health

There has been a lot said and written lately about healing your body by changing your thoughts and lifestyle. All "dis-ease" is a result of some unhealed emotional issue or trauma that you have stuck in your body. Yes, emotional thoughts and negative emotions become manifest in physical form in the body...this is how cancer is born, this is how degenerative diseases begin.

If you are currently suffering from physical illnesses and taking lots of pharmaceutical poisons with no relief. There is a real reason for that. You have not healed the actual cause of the condition. The condition began in the mind and emotions. No amount of artificial and synthetic poisons will heal that health issue. In fact, you are only causing more physical damage to the body. To heal a physical condition, you must get to the emotional root of the problem. This is where Psych-K can assist in shifting those unhealthy thoughts and emotions that have been lingering and manifesting in your body for many years. Physical problems begin years before they are noticed - one thought and one cell at a time - until you have a full blown illness.

With Psych-K, we can even explore and "ask" the disease and body what it needs to heal, what would be the best medical route - traditional or alternative - and so forth. I explored this technique with my daughter and a tooth ache she was experiencing. She had been craving lots of sweets and it was taking a toll on her oral health. Through the use of specific techniques in Psych-K, I was able to determine that she was really needing more "sweetness" in her life through experiences with mom and dad. She was feeling that she was not being treated with enough sweetness. So, I acknowleged this and made some changes. The toothache went away the following day and has not returned. Even her sweets craving has passed. What could have ended up as a painful dental issue was resolved when the thoughts and experiences that created it were altered.

If you are struggling with painful health issues that won't seem to go away with traditional treatments, give me a call and we can explore what your body is really needing from you. The changes in quality of health that occur can be quite profound and life altering.

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