Monday, March 16, 2009

Stop the Cravings!!!

I just stopped my soda cravings using Psych-K balances! Yeah! It has been two weeks and I have not had a need for a Coke! That is miraculous for me! Even my craving for coffee has diminished drastically. I have even lost 5 more pounds! Yessereeee!

Psych-K can work quickly if you are ready to shift beliefs around "needing" a particular food, activity, or other addictive behavior.

Addictions are all about trying to fill an emotional/spiritual hole you believe you have. These "holes" develop very early in life and are quite painful. Addictions are about self-medicating to avoid or stop the pain. Addictions only work momentarily and cause way more harm than the original pain that caused the addiction.

Stop the suffering, fill the holes, and let the addiction go once and for all!

Call me for an appointment and mention this blog to receive a 50% discount on your first session. I make house calls.

Healing Blessings!

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