Saturday, March 7, 2009

Psych-K and Empowerment

We seem to think that only women struggle with standing in their power. And we do. However, men struggle just as much. Why? Because they are waiting for women to stand in their power. A man can't know his power until a woman is standing in her own. Men are like dogs. They need a dominance structure in their lives to guide them. This does not mean that you, as a woman, should control, manipulate, and abuse your Quite the contrary. True power is kind, detached, compassionate, understanding, and very loving. It's a quiet knowing that you are fine with or without the outside world, a partner, and so forth. It's a centeredness that all is well. When you are in this state, people around you feel empowered just by that energy. Men can then feel safe to stand in their own quiet power without having to abuse and push you around as a woman. If you allow it, a man will abuse his power because you have given him no boundaries. Women do the same thing with men. It expresses itself differently, but it is still an issue of disempowerment.

Through the use of Psych-K, you can begin to stand in your own power. Feeling disempowered has nothing to do with the way others in your life treat you, it has to do with the way you allow them to treat you based on subconscious beliefs. After we have balanced for these beliefs, we can then muscle test whether a relationship balance is needed between you and the other person in your life. Relationship balances are very powerful and very sacred. One can do a relationship balance with anyone - a spouse, partner, child, sibling, parent, friend, boss, career, work, or someone who has crossed over.

Standing in your own power will change your relationship to everyone and everything in your life. Your vibrational frequency will attract others who are in their power and who will treat you with the respect you now know you deserve.

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Healing Blessings!

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