Thursday, July 8, 2010

Life is Speeding Up

Are you keeping up or are you feeling really stuck in moving forward in some aspect of your life?

There is a world-wide consciousness shift happening. A quickening of the spirit so to speak. Life is speeding up and we need to keep up with these higher vibrations. The only way to do this is to lose the old baggage we have. You know...past emotional pain, anger, trauma, resentments, addictions and so forth. We can't take this lower vibrational junk with us into the new golden age that is upon us. We have to let it go, heal it, and be done with our past...and not just from this life time, but from all life times!

We have some work to do.

And don't think you can do it all by your little lonesome. We are all needing each others help in this process of awakening in to a higher consciousness. The way to shift and change our reality is to change our beliefs. Our beliefs send out vibrations to the universe and that is what we attract..that is what we create...that is our reality. If you don't like the reality you are living in at the moment, it is time to change the unconscious beliefs that are responsible for creating it.

Psych-K is a fabulous and easy tool to use for just this process.
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