Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Self-Love and Weight Loss

Hello everyone!

I held my first Psych-K group session on weight-loss this last weekend. I think it was a success. I would love to hear from those who attended. Please comment to this post and share with others your experience.

What came up concerning core beliefs is the lack of self-love we hold in our unconscious. At a young age, many of us were told either directly or indirectly that we were not enough, not worthy, not worth loving, unlovable, bad, undeserving of love...and so forth. These messages continue to play on an unconscious level in our every day lives. Such messages lead us to self-abuse ourselves, neglect ourselves, and sabotage our best intentions for health and a joyful life. We consciously do not mean to do this.

What we must understand is that our conscious waking life is only about 1% to 3% of who we are. Over 90% of our life is controlled by the subconscious and unconscious belief systems we hold. These beliefs are what create our reality every day. Our words and our actions are controlled to a large extent by these unconscious beliefs.

Through the use of Psych-K, you can shift those debilitating beliefs to positive ones such as "I love myself," "I am worthy," "I deserve to treat myself with love and respect."

Once you have shifted the beliefs, it is time to take action. Do things that support these new beliefs. Treat yourself with love by eating healthy food, taking a walk, having a bubble bath, treating yourself to a massage. These nurturing behaviors will support the belief that you love yourself. As these beliefs take hold and integrate, you will notice profound changes in your life with relationships, work, personal aspirations, creativity, etc. You will experience more than weight loss when you love yourself and resonate with that belief at a core level.

Join us for our next group session on Saturday, July 31st at 2PM. Cost is $20. RSVP by calling and I will give you the location.

Healing Blessings!

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